Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Digital pianos, in general, come in as a hybrid solution for people who want the sound of a traditional piano and the feel as well, but may not have the budget or space. These digital pianos give you the best of both worlds at a much cheaper price than you would get an acoustic piano. Digital pianos allow you to travel easier with them and they also allow you to plug in a pair of headphones and listen whilst you play. Several players have cited this is a great advantage in tuning your ear to know how you should be sounding as you play, without any interfering sounds. 

The Yamaha P45B Digital Piano is a great product coming from Yamaha. The music and sound powerhouse makes digital pianos that rival most digital pianos on the market. The P45B digital piano is no different in its superior sound quality and design. It has several attributes and features that make it a great buy that rivals all others on the market. 

 The P-45b is portable and this means that you can take it with you wherever you go. The P-45 has a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard. The feel of the keyboard gradually changes according to the register, so that it feels heavier when playing bass parts and lighter when playing treble parts, just like an acoustic piano. The keyboard has a responsive, natural feel together with matte finish black keys for a truly authentic piano playing experience. this digital piano improves upon the traditional AWM synthesis system to deliver sounds that are eerily similar to real piano sounds. AWM is a technology that uses digital recordings of original instruments and allows you to experience a realistic grand piano sound wherever you are.

The design on this piano is slim and stylish with a depth of less than 30 cm, the P-45 requires very little space and, at only 11.5 kg, it can be easily moved anywhere in your home or used for performance outside.

The P45b is also great in that it is easy to operate. With just the push of a single button, you can change the settings. All you need to do is hold down the button labeled grand piano or function. Then press selected keys to change voices, play demo sources and configure the metronome amongst other settings.

General Overview

One of the things that endeared this digital piano to most musicians is what has been described as its outstanding feel of authentic piano playing experience. This is mainly down to the weighted keys that are on this device. As you play them you fill them to give in and gradually change depending on where you’re playing. For instance, you find that the base part of the keys is generally heavier than the other parts. This is obviously akin to the experience that we have with the actual sound. The acoustic sound of the keyboard up I represented by much lighter keys, as you probably expected.

A massive leap forward in the technology used is the introduction of the advanced wave memory form to one generator. This sees us neglects the traditional AWM synthesis system and pick up the better technology. With this generator, you are able to tap into two songs that were actually recorded from a grand piano. This allows you to then deliver realistic grand piano sounds from your device.

From an aesthetic point of view, you’ll find that this is an incredibly completely designed keyboard. It is similar seemingly small when you compare it to other keyboards. This can be quite deceptive because it is within a reasonable size in comparison to the other ones. The design is definitely quite slim and stylish. As far as weight is concerned, you’re only looking at 11 ½ kg. This allows you to take your piano with you, making it a portable choice. 

User Experience

The design and sound of this piano have gotten some great reviews. Users find that the matte finish on the keys makes it easier to play for longer periods of time. You have more grip. This also means that you will have more practice time because it is a comfortable experience. The P-45 has a different sound that settings can be changed with a single button. Hold down the “GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION” button and press the keyboard to change Voices, play demo sources, configure the metronome and more. Users have also found this extremely helpful when recording yourself and you need extra sounds. It averages about 3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Some users found it was the perfect replacement for an acoustic piano, whilst others had issues with some of the keys. 

It is important to check on the warranty of the instrument before you buy it. This way you know how much leeway you have and what warrants yu getting a replacement in the event of it breaking down. Read the fine print always. Sometimes it is not always the looks that you will get by on. You need to make sure that you get beauty and brains. The piano has to be both functional and also aesthetically pleasing. Some retailers do not offer warranties whilst others do, so make sure you check the terms and conditions stated by the retailer.

Available Options

I’m not sure whether we should call it unfortunate, but, they’re not too many options available of the P 45. You will commonly only find the square piano sword in its usual black colour that we associate with pianos. One of the reasons behind this is obviously the fact that this keeps you close to the roots of the device look, it’s feel and of course the sound of the produces. It has never been sold for its looks. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with the way that it looks. However, if you would prefer it in a different colour or design, you may have to take customisation into your own hands.

Key Features

First one of its features is giving away by the title, this is a full size 88 key keyboard. The keys are a graded hammer standard. They are waiting to look and feel like a full-size grand piano. They also designed to produce a sound that is similar to what you would get from the larger sized one. This is obviously coming at a much lower price point then I thought I’d grand piano. I say this to ensure that your expectations are not over the top. I don’t have expectations are kept within reason, you will likely be blown away.

The next incredible feature is the inbuilt speakers that run across the top of your device. They produce a reasonably good sound quality without the need for plugging in external speakers. This ties into the idea of trying to maintain the look and feel of a full-size piano. This piano has a 64 notes polyphony. These go a long way when you take performing. There is a vast range of other features that also enhance this experience. 

Perhaps off favourite feature on this keyboard is the dual-mode. This is a mould that allows you to layer the sound of two different instruments together while playing them at the same time. You’ll be able to do this if you are looking to play let’s say your piano sound illiterate with an organ. This makes for a richer sounding instrument as you play. Having said that, it’s not the easiest instruments to play in this mode as you can imagine. For the average person, it’s difficult enough just playing the keys off one instrument to tune. To be able to play two instruments together is quite challenging. If you do manage to do it, the output is quite impressive.


The sound of this keyboard is capable of producing are quite impressive. They range from the ability to produce a true to sound organ harmony, a true to sound grand piano and many more. This allows you the ability to do things that are usually only possible through the use of a midi controller. Is the function that is known as selecting a voice on this piano. As already mentioned you are able to select the grand piano, you’re also able to select an electric piano into different versions, a pipe organ into different versions, harpsichord into different versions and a vibraphone.

And the sounds they are various voice demo songs that you could listen to. You also have the option of listening to piano songs that come preset on your device. They are 10 preset songs on a device. These include Mozart’s Turkish March and Beethoven’s Für Elise. The demo list also has 10 songs that you can play along with.


On the rating of the keyboard are a few connections that you could engage. You have the USB to host port. This will allow you to connect your keyboard to your computer for the purpose of media control as well as to transfer sound. You also have the option to connect a stain pad on port number five. Port number six allows you to connect your headphones. There is then a 12 V jack to power the device.

Beyond these connections, you also have the option of connecting your piano to your iPhone or iPad. This provides you with a much more exciting user interface. As the manufacturer states, it allows you to “expand your mobile music world.”


Besides playing duo there are various other tricks and effects that you can use to get the most out of your piano. Upon the top of your keyboard is the grand piano function which is easily selectable by simply pressing the key. The two easiest effects to add our reverb and the chorus effect. Allows you to produce a sound that has extra depth and expression to it. He produces a more realistic acoustic and ambience. You find that in most cases when you select a voice type the keyboard automatically picks the best reverb to go with it. This is not take away the option of selecting the reverb yourself. 

You can change the type of reverb used on each of the voices that you’re playing. The reverb types are as follows, the C5 key is tied to the room rivet type. The C#5 key is tied to the hall one reverb sound. The D5 key is tied to the whole to reverb sound. The difference between the whole sounds is the size of the hole. The second hole is created to simulate a larger concert hall. The D#5 is created to simulate the reverb that you get from the stage. Finally, the E5 key delivers no reverb. You also have the option of adjusting the depth of the reverb that you are using. This finetunes the pitch. 


There are various accessories available to use with the Yamaha p45b. The most important one of these is probably the stand. It is designed to match the piano and complete the look. You also have various sustain paddles to choose from as well as some headphones. 


When it comes to picking out a new digital piano, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Taking a deeper look into the options on the market it is easy to get caught up and sometimes overwhelmed. Going for a brand name that is synonymous with sound quality, is a great step in the right direction. Yamaha is one such brand and it offers quite a number of various digital pianos. The P-45B is a great buy when you are looking for a portable digital piano that can deliver great sound quality. It is easy enough to pick out the one that looks good, however, it is important to know that great musicians refine their art through practice, and a good instrument is a large part of successful practice time. Get a good digital piano and you will be doing you and your skill a huge favor. 

The P45B from Yamaha is a great digital piano to learn on, and so it is a favorite amongst beginners. it is also a favorite amongst experienced musicians who like to record themselves at home and hence need extra built-in sounds, which the digital piano has. It has impressive sounds that will aid you in getting a well-rounded sound to record. The p-45 is also great because of the various accessories it comes equipped with. Thes make a big difference and it means you do not need to go out and buy more. It also comes with a host of effects that can be pretty cool! You can adjust the reverb and add other effects. This is quite limited to acoustic pianos. The digital piano has many benefits, most of which you will find in Yamaha’s P-45B. Take advantage of modern technology.

It easily connects to your smart device and this means you have entire connectivity with all your devices. With all these great features rolled up in one, we hope that our review helps you make your decision on buying the P-45B. Happy shopping!

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