Sennheiser E835 vs Shure sm58 | Which Professional Vocal Microphone To Get?

In this article, we will be looking at two of the top performance microphones that you can buy for outdoor activities. Sennheiser E835 vs Shure sm58. The microphones that we will be discussing today are great options to consider for somebody looking for a medium to upper range priced microphone that can deliver intimate performances. It can be challenging to choose between them because of the similarity of the specs they have on broadcast; however, hopefully, you will have some idea about how best to go about it. 

Sennheiser E835

This is a unidirectional microphone that has been designed by Sennheiser to be sold as a professional audio input device. It can be used either in wired or wireless form and can connect through an XLR port. It is a very light microphone not weighing more than 0.33Kgs. This makes it exceptionally advantageous to perform onstage, meaning that someone can freely move around with the mic. They have included quite powerful audio technology in this product that allows for a subtle improvement of the vocals that enter into the microphone. It will not necessarily make a bad singer into a good singer, although the tonal response will be improved through new clarity introduced to the sound projection.

Given that it is a performance mic, the manufacturers have carefully considered that the distance from your mouth to the mic can affect the sound. They have therefore included a minimal proximity effect that works to provide you with a high-quality sound that never changes regardless of how far you are. 

If, by chance, you accidentally get too close to the mic, then you will not punish your audience with a painful bass. Given that this product can be used wirelessly, signal technology is critical. The manufacturer has included Cardioid pick-up patterns that ensure that wherever you walk on the stage, the microphone will still be able to transmit sound quite clearly. 

This means that you will not be having varying levels of sound as you move around the stage. Given the high cost of this microphone, it wouldn’t be worth it if they didn’t include a feedback rejection mechanism. This prevents sound that is not coming from the performer from resonating through the mic. It is quite a durable mic that has been made from metal. In case it is dropped, you can rest easy because they have made it shockproof. It can respond to frequencies between 40-16,000 Hz with an impedance of 350 ohms. 


  • Shock/Impact proof
  • Good signal isolation
  • Improved tonal response


  • It doesn’t have an on/off switch

Shure sm58

This is another unidirectional microphone on the market worth looking at. It comes with a lower frequency range of between 50 to 15,000 Khz. the product has been made to perform in areas where high-quality audio is required in a group setting. It is, therefore, an excellent option to consider for people who want to purchase a microphone to use in a house of worship. 

It comes with a clever mid-range setting that means you can have a group of backup singers using just one microphone. It will work very hard to neutralize the sound coming from all of them to provide harmony to the produced external sound. It comes with a bass roll-off that works very well to protect you against any unnecessary proximity issues. This means that even if you get too close to the mic, the audience will not necessarily tell the difference. 

That is why it is an excellent option to consider for people who are performing live on stage. This specialized pop filter works to protect the singers against any environmental issues that might arise. These can include things like wind or rain. The noise-canceling feature on this microphone is quite impressive because it allows you to perform outdoors comfortably. 

The shock mount system that the manufacturers designed works very well to decrease any potential handling noise that may come out of you moving around on stage as the artist. You will also be well protected against any background noise due to the cardioid pick-up pattern system that works very well to ensure that only your voice comes through the microphone and not any other sounds.  


  • Works excellent for group singing
  • Shock mount system 
  • Noise isolation system 


  • Lower frequency range 

Favorite Features of the Sennheiser E835 vs Shure sm58


Frequency is quite impressive, although the Sennheiser has a frequency that is more equipped for individual singing. Its frequency ranges between 40 – 16,000 Khz, meaning that the performer can hit higher notes more comfortably. The Shure sm58 is better for groups because it has a lower frequency of 50 – 15,000 Khz, which means that the microphone will try to group their voice into one. 

Sound Quality 

Both options are pretty impressive, coming with minimal proximity effects, although the Sennheiser sm58 has been built to improve your tonal response. It also comes with remarkable feedback rejection that allows for good sound isolation. The Shure sm58 also comes with these features, although it does not have an improved tonal response. 


These products are made from metal and come with a shock mount system that works to prevent unnecessary handling noise. 

What could be better?

Sennheiser E835

To improve this microphone, the manufacturers could have included an on and off switch because that would have been useful for performers who need to share one stage at different times. 

Shure sm58

The frequency range is what makes this product less impressive. It means that you will have a lower sound quality when singing on your own. This could have been improved. 

Similar Features

Both products have a minimal proximity effect that works to provide them with tonal clarity despite the distance they’re singing from.

Key Differences 

The main difference between these products is that one has a higher frequency response than the other. It means that the Sennheiser E835 will perform better when singing individually. 

The Verdict

In conclusion, I would recommend the Sennheiser E835 for people who wish to perform individually onstage in a high-quality fashion. It has been blessed with a higher frequency range and can quickly improve the clarity of someone’s voice when they sing. Its tonal response is quite impressive, meaning that you will rarely go out of key under the microphone’s guardian eye. It is pretty durable made from metal, meaning that you can have some freedom moving around with it. It is quite a gentle mic meaning that it works for quite intimate concerts. 

I would recommend the Shure sm58 for people that want to perform with others. It is a perfect option to buy for backup singers, maybe in a worship band. This is because it has a tremendous mid-range tuning system that combines people’s voices into one well-toned sound. It does have a lower frequency response meaning that it doesn’t work well on individual performances. It is great outdoors because it has good sound isolation features.

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