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How To Connect Headphones To A TV

We all have those late nights when we want to stay up and watch a movie by ourselves. Those nights when everyone else is asleep and you don’t want to wake them up with the booming sound effects of the latest Marvel movie or Netflix series.  Luckily, there are a…

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How To Clean Your Earbuds

If you wear in-ear headphones every day, you know how dirty they can get! No matter how much you try to prevent it, earwax almost always finds a way inside. Our goal is to help you learn how to clean your earbuds – which will not only help preserve their quality, but…

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How To Replace Headphone Pads

Few things are as annoying (and uncomfortable) as wearing headphones with cracked or completely worn out ear cushions! Chances are, you’re in a similar situation and want a few pointers before you start taking them apart.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a complicated process that requires hours and hours…

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What Are The Best Songs To Test Headphones???

One of our favorite things about getting a new pair of headphones is deciding which track or album we'll listen to first! If you want to discover some hidden gems…
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Headphone Amplifier – FiiO A3 Review

If you want to give your smartphone or MP3 player an extra boost, you came to the right place! You might be wondering why this device is so highly-rated and…
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Do People Still Buy iPods? – You Might Be Surprised

Do people still buy iPods? To some, they seem like an irrelevant relic from the past. To others, they still serve the purpose of being a daily music listening companion.…
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Beats Headphone Comparison – Do They Live Up To The Hype?

You're probably wondering the same thing that I once asked myself. Do Beats headphones actually live up to the hype that they receive from athletes, musicians, radio hosts, and casual…
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Music Meditation – Use Technology To Find Solace

I wanted to reach out and create a post about music meditation. A lot of times, people will tell you that meditations should be done in quiet stillness, but I'm…
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Best Headphones For An Audiophile

To start off, I'd like to open up a discussion about what your idea of the perfect pair of headphones has been up to this point. I don't have a…
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V-Moda Crossfade LP2: Sonic Elevation Review

Are you looking for an exciting pair of headphones that are also as durable as a tank? Do you prefer an extended bass response with crisp detail? If you only…
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My First Live Concert (Life-Changing Experience)

It was my senior year of high school when I attended what I consider my first live concert. Bullet For My Valentine was headlining a show at the Great Saltair…
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