Hifiman Sundara vs HE560

Are you thinking of buying or choosing the Hifiman Sundara or the he560 and you do not know what features suit your needs? You need to check the sound and specs, the build quality, design and comfort, cable, packaging and accessories and ear cups. Some people have a tendency to walk in a shop, take a look at the packaging, colour and cost of headphones, pick and they are good to go. Yet, they do not pay attention to critical aspects such as sound quality and comfort. The he650 has a more balanced version of the Hifiman Sundara. Below is a detailed analysis of both.

Hifiman Sundara


Both headphones have a wide soundstage which is actually good for gaming, videos and music. The way the sounds are placed on both headphones over a large area increases the depth of the music. A wide soundstage might be a result of their make-up as well as they are both open-back headphones.

The Hifiman Sundara and he560 have a more accurate imagining and better instrument separation. They are both planar magnetic headsets which are known for their exceptional sound quality. They have been regarded as open-back earphones that allow ear cups to constantly breathe as you listen to your music.

Differences between Hifiman Sundara and HE560

When you are using the he560, the bass is more extended and more present than when you are using the Hifiman Sundara. One might wonder if this has a great impact on the way sound is delivered. As far as the sound quality is concerned, that does not affect other musical instruments. They tend to spice up rather than disrupting other musical instruments such as the piano. 

Hifiman HE-560

The midrange is balanced and detailed but has a less physical impact. The he560 is more precise and neutral than the Hifiman Sundara. But, the treble is less emphasized. They are less tiresome than the Hifiman Sundara because of the strong grip on the headband given by the Hifiman Sundara. The Hifiman Sundara comes only in black whereas the he560 comes in a dark wood grain finish with nice black accents. This is why the he560 is considered to be more elegant.

Design and Comfort

The Hifiman Sundara uses a fixed headband with a frame that can be extended. They are lighter, functional, and comfortable and the design makes them more appealing. The headband that they come with can be extended. This gives a proper clamping force to the headband which is important to obtain comfort and stability.

This can be quite satisfactory as the headset becomes sufficiently adjustable. One might wonder what importance is the headband. The headband is one of the most important features when choosing a pair of headphones that suits you. You should hardly feel or notice that you are putting headphones on. The moment you start to feel heaviness or any complication, that already causes discomfort. 

The headband that comes with the Hifiman Sundara gives a strong grip which might not be ideal for an adjustable band. Whenever you need to adjust the band you need to take off the headphones because the headphones are not foldable.

Failure to do so might attract friction on the metal parts as they tend to press hard against each other. It causes scuff marks as one is always adjusting the headphones several times in a day. A softer mechanism would be ideal for adjustable headbands. It is made in metal in most parts and maintains its overall shape in an overwhelming manner. It has good build quality. 

They make a good pair of headsets which is so comfortable due to the suspended headband design which has some good padding that makes them feel soft. More padding and a larger headband give out the fair weight. The pressing ear cups tend to lift a lot of weight from the head. This does not cause discomfort if used for longer hours. 

The he560 also comes with a tough and durable frame. This makes the headset stronger. The connectors are solid and steady. The earpads are made of leather which does not wear-off in a short space of time. They are quite breathable as they are open-back.

The clamping force is as high as of the Hifiman Sundara but it can be tolerated and does not cause discomfort. They are lighter as well. The leather padding and the metallic frame produce durable and tough headphones. However, the joints between the ear cups and the frame are a bit fragile. Just like any other pair of headsets, they need good care otherwise they will break easily.

Packaging and accessories

When you walk in a shop, the first impression you get when you set your eyes on a pair of headphones comes with the packaging. The Hifiman Sundara comes in a simple box that is not that modest. It is made up of a lot of padding with a satin-like fabric that covers the molded foam. The headphones are tight and secure which makes them perfectly fit. 


The Hifiman Sundara comes only in black colour which is considered as a neutral colour. On the other side, the he560 is in a dark wood grain finish with nice black accents. They are more stylish and elegant. Teenagers would prefer a stylish pair of headphones over black headphones. However, this is a matter of age, style, and taste.


The he560 has ear cups that rotate 100degrees which is quite safe for storage and transportation. The Hifiman Sundara has ear cups made of fabric or leather material. Fabric makes the ear cups breathable which is recommended. This prevents fatigue and irritation.  


Both of them have an open back which allows sound to leak and background music to meddle as well. In this case, one has to evaluate the advantages of having breathable ear cups versus noise canceling when using a pair of headsets.

Sound and specs

The above-examined features are as equally important as sound quality. I will evaluate the sound quality on both the Hifiman Sundara and he560 so that it remains a matter of choosing a pair of headphones that serves your needs in full capacity. The Hifiman Sundara is an efficient pair of headsets that can be powered with anything. You can use them at a fairly high volume and the tuning is bright. They offer coherent sound quality with detailed and well-textured bass. 

They have such a controlling effect on the sound as the bass is set in a way that does not meddle with the mids. You can however feel some lows which the he560 tries to avoid by producing a more neutral sound. Some users might not feel it. Warmer instruments are highly defined whereas violins are fairly defined. The tone is neutral and it comes with a touch of brightness. The clarity in sound is exceptional in the same manner the he560 gives. A good level of detail is given in the way the treble remains airy and sparkly.

The sound signature of the he560 is regarded as brighter than of the Hifiman Sundara. There is a good extension of sound in both directions. It fairly gives an unbiased sound quality as it does not heighten or sharpen some musical instruments. This gives a balanced share of all musical instruments of the music being played. 

The tuning and technical ability of the he560 is considered to be exceptional as compared to the Hifiman Sundara but it remains a matter of what one prefers when it comes to choosing a pair of headsets. It remains an important exercise to serve your best interests as you consider what you use the headphones for.

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