Clarity Aloft vs Bose A20

Are you shopping around for the best aviation headset? Whilst there are many different brands, not all of them have the features needed to enhance your experience as you fly. You have probably been looking for the benefits and disadvantages that the different headsets can offer you. In this article, we look at the clarity aloft vs bose a20. Both headsets are highly rated. 

As similar, as they may be, they are also different, and that is what we will look at more closely. We will look at how effective they are in transmitting sound, the quality that they deliver, and also the convenience of using them, amongst other features. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Clarity Aloft

Clarity Aloft

The clarity aloft headset is an in-ear headset, making it a more comfortable pair to move around with. They deliver passive noise cancellation. They protect your ears from a sound that could potentially harm your ear canal if it were allowed in freely. The sound clarity is a result of the electret microphone and speakers.

To wear them, you slip them over your head, but the earbuds fit in the same way that earphones do. You can replace the earbuds with a set that suits you best, even though the standard size that comes on the headset is almost always a good fit. 

Bose a20

Bose a20

Bose markets this headset as being an aviation headset that makes flying easier with better communication. This headset will help you communicate effectively and not have the disturbances of any noise that may be in the aircraft, which can be distracting. This is an over-ear headset that you will need to wear over your head. 

It comes with an auxiliary audio input and active equalisation. It also has customisable audio prioritisation controls. This handset is designed with military pilots in mind. Its rugged construction is made to withstand a lot of wear and tear, more than the average headset. 

Favourite Features

There are features that you would need to ensure exist in an aviation headset. Amongst these are the weight of the headset, the quality of sound, and the headsets ability to cancel out any noise. Other features that make an excellent aviation headset include the accessories the headset may come with to make them a better buy. It’s also essential that they are comfortable to wear.

The clarity in communication is vital, especially when flying. It needs to be clear and uninterrupted, which is why noise cancellation is a big deal. The quality of aviation communication can be the difference between life and death, literally. 

Clarity aloft

The Clarity Aloft headset is lightweight, weighing only 1.5 ounces. The in-ear design makes them comfortable to wear, even on long flights. The headset comes with replaceable foam earplugs. They also have a music input, so you can fly whilst you listen to your favourite tunes. The clarity aloft headset also has a 29.5 dB noise attenuation.

The design is less bulky than the average headset. This does well for aesthetics, but at the same time, it means they may be less durable than other headsets.

Bose a20

The Bose a20 aviation headset has noise cancellation and also has clear effective communication. They have clear audio. The headset is overhead and is comfortable to wear for long periods. However, if you prefer in-ear headsets, these may not work well for you. 

Most people do not like overhead headsets because they tend to clamp tight; however, the bose a20’s are specially made with 30% less clamping, which has more give and makes the set more comfortable. This headset also has active equalisation. This adds to the quality of the sound that you will get from the headset, making them more transparent.

Noise cancellation

The clarity aloft headset has decent noise cancellation capabilities. This is influenced to a great extent by the earbuds. 

The Bose a20 aviation headset does an excellent job of noise cancellation and enhances communication. These are some of the features that you want to see in an aviation headset. It has more noise cancellation than other models.


Clarity aloft is designed simply and is also lightweight. Some users describe it as feeling like you’re not wearing a headset. The in-ear design is easy to use, and also comfortable to wear even on long flights. The design is also sturdy enough to remain put in your ears throughout the flight.

Bose a20 is designed to fit over the head. It has 30% less clamping tension. This allows you to be more comfortable for more extended periods. They are also lightweight, especially when compared to most over-ear headphones. They weigh 12ounces.

In terms of looks, we like the clarity aloft look, which is barely noticeable as a headset.


Durability is a crucial factor, especially when you need to use the headset in rugged conditions. The bose a20 headset is made with military durability. This means that it can withstand a lot of what would break an average set. 

The Clarity Aloft headset is not as durable as the Bose a20 headset. It is best used for average flying where there will not be too much wear and tear on it. However, it does come with a bag for storage when you’re not using the headset. 

The Bose A20 headset may be more durable than the clarity aloft. 

What could be better

Clarity aloft

  • The ear wires could be lengthened to ensure ease of use.
  • They are on the higher end of the pricing.

Bose a20

  • They are on the higher end of the pricing.
  • It is a bulky headset, although not heavy.

Similar Features

  • They both have noise cancellation features
  • They are both worn over the head.
  • They are both used in aviation.

Key Differences 

  • Clarity aloft is an in-ear headset whilst bose a20 are over-ear
  • Bose a20 is bulkier than the clarity aloft.
  • Clarity aloft is more affordable than bose a20.

The verdict

If you are looking for the best noise-cancelling headphones, with clearer audio, the Bose A20 is what we recommend you buy. However, if you would like a less cumbersome headset, still decent noise cancellation capabilities, then we would recommend the clarity aloft headset.

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