Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro vs DT 770 Pro

Are you looking for a good pair of studio headphones but don’t know what you should be looking for? Whether you want to record, master, mix, or just listen to music, not all headphones are created equal. Studio headphones differ in quality and will deliver different sounds. Knowing your way around them is what will help you get the best for the intended purpose. 

In this article, we take a look at the Dt 990 Pro vs Dt 770 Pro, both made by Beyerdynamic. They are both well known for their durability and good sound. they have a lot more for them and also some differences, which we will take a look at. shall we?

Dt 990 Pro Summary

The dt990 Pro’s are professional headphones, often used for mixing and mastering. They are open back, giving you more spaciousness, something that you will not find in all headphones. You will also get detailed sound with these headphones. 

Dt 990 Pro

Dt 770 Pro Summary

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Closed Back Headphones

The dt 770 pro is a great headset for sound monitoring and recording. The closed-back on these headphones closes out a lot of the surrounding sounds. It may not be the best noise cancellation technology, but it does allow you to concentrate better on what you are listening to without distractions.

These headphones also allow you to hear all the instruments and how they are arranged. If you’re looking for a headset that can separate the sounds for you, this is worth considering. You can easily monitor different voices, sounds, and instruments, using this headset. This is a great help especially if you need to monitor multiple sounds, like a choir or a band.

Favourite Features

A good set of professional headphones will need to have a couple of features in order to be top of the range. One of those is sound quality. This includes checking on how the sound is balanced. Sound quality and how it is delivered, is one of the most important features to look for. 

You also need to ensure that the headset is practical and comfortable. Combining this, along with functionality, can give you the perfect headset. You also want to check on noise cancellation and what you can use the headset for. Some headset will let in noise, making them ill-fitted for some purposes.

Dt 990 pro favorite features

This is a comfortable headset to wear and you will find that you can wear them for long periods. They have an open back and are better suited for mixing and mastering. The open back is a disadvantage in that it lets external noises in and anyone close to you can hear what you’re listening to. 

They have a wide stereo image and produce three dimensional sound. They also have good tonal depth and detail. Also, the bass and treble on these headphones can be described as mild and not in your face. This is also complemented by the bass that Beyerdynamic describes as not being exaggerated. This is a common problem with headphones, whose sound ends up being compromised because of exaggerated bass.

Dt 770 pro favorite features

These headphones are better suited for recording. They have less spill into the microphone and they are closed back. They have good sound separation making it clear enough for you to hear all the elements. 

Noise cancellation

Whilst the dt770 pro’s do not have specific noise cancellation features, they are still better at keeping out unwanted noises, especially when they are compared to the Dt 990 Pros which have an open back and let in a lot of the surrounding noises.

Sound quality 

Both these headphones have good sound. However, the DT 770 Pro’s, have more impressive sound quality. They have good bass reference qualities. They have a less special sound and it is also more detailed. The dt990 has balanced bass and treble. The sound is more spatial and transparent. 


Both the dt990 pros and the dt770 pro’s, have a comfortable fit. The cups are both made of soft cushions that cover the ears. The cups can also be adjusted because let us be honest, the one-size-fits-all is more of a marketing gimmick than practicality. The band expands making them easy to slip on and off. The cable is fixed on one end of the headphones, to help avoid unnecessary tangling.

The headband is made of steel on both sets, and this helps secure the headset. The construction of these two models is the same, hence choosing one for its comfort, is the same as choosing the other.

What could be better

Dt 990 pro

They are open which means that you can still hear the sounds around you, which can be distracting. And anyone near you can also hear what you are listening to, meaning that no one can get anything done. 

Dt 770 pro

The cable cannot be detached which also means that you don’t have much room or freedom to move around. 

Similar Features

  • They are both high end and produce studio-quality sound.
  • They are both comfortable
  • They are both worn over the ears. 
  • They have clear sound
  • The cups are soft on the ears
  • They are both 250 ohms
  • They both come with a cable that is connected on one end, to avoid tangling. 
  • They are both durable headsets

Key Differences 

Whilst these headphones may seem like they have a lot in common, they also have some key differences.

  • The Dt990 pro has an open back whilst the dt770 pro has a closed-back
  • The dt990 pro is better suited for mixing and mastering whilst the Dt 770 pro is better for recording sessions.
  • The dt770 pro does not have much spill, making it better for recording

The verdict

If you’re looking for a headset to use for mixing and mastering, the DT 990 Pro is what we would recommend. The open back and spatial sound make them a good buy. If you’re looking to use the headset for recording, then you want to get the headset that has less spill into the microphone, such as the DT 770 Pro

Both headphones are good buys, however, they also have their differences which make them better suited for particular purposes.

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