AKG K712 vs HD650

It takes a closer examination of an AKG k712 and the HD650 headphones if you are to choose between these two as they are almost the same. The audio produced by both headphones is almost similar. Their weight is not much different, the frequency response is fairly the same, the design does not have a difference and they are both comfortable. There is a notable difference in impedance and sensitivity. This should attract your attention when choosing the perfect headset between the two.

AKG K712


The biggest distinction between an AKG k712 and the Sennheiser hd650 is the impedance. An AKG k712 has 62Ohm whereas the hd650 has 300Ohm. 238 is a very big number indeed. Impedance refers to electrical resistance or rather the amount of power your device needs to play. In this case, the AKG k712 needs more power to produce sound. More power means more volume. However, this might be a problem for some sources of audio as they cannot supply enough power needed at maximum volume as the sound might be still a bit quiet. You might need to experience this as a user so that you get to know what suits the type of source you are using to play your music.

Sennheiser hd650


Every pair of headset should consider sensitivity as much as any user would do. An akg k712 has 105db whereas the hd650 has 103dB. A difference of 2dB might not be a big number but it counts. It comes with a  difference although a user can choose to ignore. Sensitivity measures the volume of any pair of headphones.

Given a certain power level, some headsets might get louder or lower. In this instance, an AKG k712 has higher sensitivity than the Sennheiser hd650 at a certain power level. The audio they produce is louder and is considered to be louder. Therefore, if you love playing your music at a higher volume you might go for an AKG k712.


An ak712 gives spacious and clear sound in both highs and mids. The headsets provide a complete low end which is a bit passive and does not cause lower mid frequencies to become unclear. The Sennheiser hd650 makes the subtlest audio to be perceptible. They try to give as neutral a sound as possible. Neutral is natural.

Frequency response

An akg k712 has a range of 10Hz to 40kHz whereas the hd650 has a range of 10Hz to 41kHz. The difference noted is not much. They both have a common frequency response. Some people believe that an akg k712 has better frequency consistency especially in the bass range. This may be due to the fact that it produces more detailed bass than any other musical instrument.


Both headphones can be used with an audio cable. The headsets are open-back and have an over-ear wearing style. Open back headsets allow foreign sounds to meddle with the music you are playing and at the same time your neighbour can actually hear whatever you are playing. The idea of making open-back headphones might be an advantage in the manner in which music will not be enclosed in your ears to the extent that it will affect your eardrums.

The fact that the backs of the headphones are left open cannot go unappreciated as they make the earcups breathable hence reducing a bit of heat and too much volume. Open-back headphones give an amazing sound in a quiet room but that does not mean that they are not ideal for outdoor use. 

Both devices cannot be folded which can be a bit inconvenient. Portability is quite essential when it comes to a pair of headphones. You would need to store them in a bag when travelling or when you are leaving home. You cannot make them fit certain cases because they cannot fold. However, folding might be a hindrance to durability as you will have to constantly fold them. 

An akg k712 and the hd650 does not come with a built-in microphone. I have seen people rushing for headphones with built-in microphones for some time but it becomes a matter of convenience and preference. If you are a constant user of the microphone that might be quite useful to you. In a way this might cause a bit of discomfort if you are not a fan of microphones. Your pair of headphones might look a bit big and clumsy if it comes with a built-in microphone.

Headsets that do not come with built-in headphones might be advantageous due to the fact that it gives you room to choose. If you want a microphone, you can buy a separate one but if you do not need one you do not buy it. If you get headphones with a microphone already and you dislike it what will you do since it is not detachable? A built-in microphone can be elegant and clumsy at the same time. It now depends on your choice. 

Both headphones do come with a carry case. This makes them look more handy. At least when you are not playing music you have somewhere safe to keep them. The weight difference between an akg k712 and the hd650 can go unnoticed.

Pros and cons

In as much as both heads have similarities in many ways, there are always pros and cons on every device. The Sennheiser hd650 is created to be used by both audiophiles and audio professionals. The earpads are made from fairly soft memory foam and embodied in a velour-like material which gives great comfort to the user. The breathable cushions are exceptional just as the AKG k712.

However, both devices allow sound to leak and meddle with the music playing. Unlike the AKG k712, it requires a bit more power. An AKG k712 has a replaceable cable and the adjustment is very easy and comfortable. The headband is so elastic that it perfectly fits in the natural position. They allow the user to hear every little detail in a mix with an accurate balance of frequencies. It is not ideal for sporting but good for indoors just like the Sennheiser hd650.

The above-mentioned devices offer similar characteristics but a few differences can be noted. It is now a matter of what works better for you as a user.

Rob is a musician and audiophile at heart. He plays 5 instruments. Besides music, Rob enjoys a good whiskey and the outdoors.
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