Hifiman Sundara vs HD650

Which one should you get?

Thinking of getting an upgrade on your headphones but not sure which one to get? Both the Hifiman Sundara and the HD650 are a great choice. They come with a fee difference. Then again what matters most to you is the output. 

If you are looking for great sound and quality then you are on the right page. Both the Hifiman sundara and the hd650 produce some of the best sound with some of the best noise cancellation. So don’t worry either one you get. You’ll still have a great experience.

Both models live up to standard. They both have great accessories in which each of these headsets comes with an audio cable which is 1.5m long. Not ignoring the fact that the cable ends with a 3.5mm jack making it compatible with most computers and phones.

HiFiman Sundara

In terms of sound quality, the HiFiMan Sundara is one of the best sounding headsets with very clear and crisp sound. It is a new headset in a way that has some great features that music lovers would appreciate. So what we have here is generally a pair of headphones that have a weight spreading strap for outstanding comfort but with a more fashion conscious look. It has a sleek and sumptuous matte black finish. With a headband that is built to take the rigors of urban street life.

The pair is generally tough and it comes with a New 3.5mm headphone connector for enhanced durability. It has a Frequency Response of 6Hz - 75kHz and Impedance of 37 ohms with a Sensitivity of 94dB and Weight of 372g



When it comes to the hd640 in terms of sound quality, the HD650 is actually one of the best sounding headsets. It has a very clear and crisp sound. Specially designed acoustic silk ensures precision damping over the entire frequency range and helps to reduce THD to an incredible 0.05 percent

It comes with an improved frequency response that is 10 39,500 Hertz (10 dB). Also it has hand selected matched driver elements as well as highly optimized magnet systems for minimum harmonic and intermodulation distortion. They are a lightweight pair that come with aluminum voice coils that bring about a very fast transient response as well as a 3.5mm jack plug and a cable length of 118 inches. You can expect them to come with a frequency response of 1 041 000Hz.

HD650 Sennheiser

Favourite Features

HiFiman Sundara

When it comes to the style and the looks. This pair certainly takes the prize. With the matte black finish and the street style on the pair. One can definitely look good and feel good while listening to some really good music. 

At the same time apart from that the Hifiman Sundara comes with crisp and fresh sound. For music lovers and those who like taking walks these are great options. From their portable size it has an easy and stylish look. You could go for a walk or a jog with these.

Last thing you will definitely love  about the Hifiman Sundara is that it covers the ears and has a soft material that clearly makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They won’t make your ears feel like they have been fighting a long and serious battle. 


With the HD650, things may be pretty similar to that of the Hifiman sundara in that both of the headsets are very easy to walk around with and listen to music for the longest of hours. The best thing however is that they come with comfortable covering.

Secondly another thing to love about the hd650 is that they come with a cable. That means you can listen to music for the longest of hours without having to worry about them losing power or running out of battery.


Lastly one thing you can simply not ignore about this headset is that it has a great sound quality that is better than most headsets in the competitors market. They have a great sound quality and will make the experience great.

Other features

Sound leakage

When it comes to sound leakage. The Hifiman Sundara does not have the best blockage. The next person will most likely hear the song you are playing if you play your song of full volume. However lowering the volume will probably make it less audible for the next person. 

With the Hd650, not much changes but the HD650 has a certain limit to which the sound may start leaking. A person may have to be very close to you for them to hear the song that you will be playing.

sennheiser HD650

Noise cancellation

When it comes to noise cancellation both pairs don’t offer much help in each case. The Hifiman sundara comes with a noise cancellation that is slightly lower than that of the Hd650.

Though still not as impressive the HD650 has a slightly reasonable noise cancellation system that can still lock out a lot of noise. This means that in each case you are still able to listen to your music with full aid and full volume.

Frequency Response

When it comes to frequency response. There is a bit of a big difference between the Hifiman sundara and the HD650z. When it comes to frequency response the Hifiman sindara comes with a frequency response that lies between 6hz- 75kHz. Which is good but not as good as the HD650.

When it comes to frequency response the Hd650 comes off a bit better than the Hifiman sundara in that it has a frequency response of 1 041 000Hz which is really impressive in that you get quality sound of the song as close to the original version as possible.

Hifiman Sundara vs HD650

What could be better

HiFiman Sundara

The Hifiman Sundara is a great option for anyone who loves music. For loud music lovers it is a very great option as it can allow you to burst your eardrums playing to as loud music as you want. Besides that you can comfortably listen to your song for a whole day. 

The Hifiman Sundara comes with a cable that allows you to connect it to your ipod, mp3 player or your phone making them rather portable and easy to move around with. Plus the fact that they have a soft ear covering definitely sets things on the right path for you. 

These headphones come with a reasonable price tag on them making them the typical you get what you pay for a pair. All in all if you are willing to work your way up then these could be a reasonable pair to start with.


When you are looking for a pair of headphones what you want to start with is usually the frequency response and the comfortability rate that a pair could come with. As for these headphones here. Both of those features come at a reasonable stance.

With a comfortable silk padding that will be easy on your ears. The headset manages to play some reasonable music and at a high rate bringing out the bass and treble as close to perfection as possible. 

Though not the best pair because of the situation with sound leakage and noise cancellation. You’ll find that going to places like libraries and church buildings may be hard if you are planning to listen to music while studying.

The verdict

In conclusion, if you are a beginner and you are working with a low budget then the Hifiman Sundara may be a great option for you. It is not the clear definition of perfection but are rather reasonable 

However, say you are working towards something a bit more upscale. Then the hd650 may just be the pair to go for. With a great frequency response. You are guaranteed a good experience.

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