Hifiman HE4xx vs HD6xx

Which one should you get?

Audiophiles should be already looking at this page wondering which one better. How is it better and why is it better,  well slow down tiger. We are getting there. First we have other things that we have to get on. Like how on earth they ever made such great options for music. 

They say that at times you get what you pay. Then again I have been in situations that have torn this saying to bits and pieces. The He4xx and the Hd6xx have that same effect. You can get the best option for head music gear and at the same time, your pockets aren’t going to break at all. 

So if you want to know what sets the He4xx and the hd6xx then you’ll have to check on this review. Follow through and read on and at the end. You’ll be able to determine what goes with each pair and which one you can work with. So let’s begin.

HIFiman he4xx

The HE4XX or should I say Hifiman has a long history of complaints about the build quality and the likes. Turns out a lot of reviews complained about this. At least with He4xx all that is in the past. Whoever decided to uo this set’s build definitely deserves an award. This label was known for other things. Having or being known for its build quality was not the issue. However, it seems they pretty much gave us a switcharoo with this he4xx.

So this set here comes with some Focus-A earpads. They are soft to the touch and have a synthetic type of leather on the outsoles. They are warm which is a good thing but the outsoles may tend to remove that warmth which might be bothersome to some people.

he4xx headphones


Well, these beauties are a whole new version of cool. They have this sleek design and color that comes in a midnight blue shade. Most people confuse it with black but if you look closer you’ll note the difference. They come with some matching dark nameplates above each ear. Making them look more spectacular than the previous models. I have to say, reading the reviews for this set, made me want to buy one. Then again, like you I had to do proper and decent research.

They have a cable that has been shortened. From 10 feet to 6 feet. Which is a lavish improvement I believe. Walking around with that long cable everywhere must have been a nightmare for so many people. The cable can be connected to phones and computers likewise.


Favourite Features


Well I have to say that these headphones are quite the comfortable pair. The velours are really something with the synthetic leather soles. I love the fact that they keep you cool even after wearing them for long. That’s thanks to the synthetic leather outsoles. 

Another feature I love about the He4xx is the fact that they come with a shortened cable that has a 3.5mm jack. Making them quite liable when you want to take a walk and you don’t mind holding your phone.


Now when we take a look at this magnificent headset. There are a lot of things that you could fall in love with. Personally, I’d say the midnight blue color really makes them look unique and it gives them this classy shine that really sets them on this new level.

The shortened cable has to be another feature to love. At Least now you don’t have to walk around with a long cable dangling from your pockets. I mean it will still dangle but this time it will be better than before.

Other features


Now, this is what you were waiting for right? The two headsets are great. Both of them are great. But the He4xx has a lower bass capacity as compared to the hd6xx. It’s not bad at all. Maybe if you are used to really loud music and you like to hear even the slightest beat. Then these are a no-no.

The Hd6xx has a better sound system. Not as good as the prior series. They are definitely better than the HE4xx. They can go loud and the bass is really pronounced. Then again because of that songs may tend to fluctuate. As some songs might be better and some worse. 


The Velours

The velours on both sets are quite different. The ones one the he4xx are very soft and they work to reduce any accumulating warmth because of their synthetic leather outsoles. Plus they attract lint a lot

The ones on the hd6xx are The headset is relatively comfortable with pillow-like velours that feel great. They are still great even if it’s a hot day seeing as they have an open back that can set things on a different level. With a cool breeze listening to a great song.

The cable

The HE4xx comes with a short cable that might just make listening to music on a desk too hard and complicated. The good thing is the cable is detachable and easily replaceable.

For the HD6xx the cable is still long, but it’s shorter as compared to previous models. Works well with phones and computers as well. Makes a great companion for gamers and recorders out there.

hifiman he4xx vs hd6xx

What could be better


The he4xx could be a great option if you are working on a budget. What I believe might really bother a lot of people on these headphones is that the velours section picks up a whole bunch of lint. Honestly anyone would be annoyed by that so trust me i can understand if you already have an ‘urgh’ attitude towards these.


For great bass and pronounced tones. This pair would make for a great companion when taking a walk or just relaxing in bed. Nothing could possibly be bad about this pair unless you simply have a grudge against good music.

The verdict

All in all I would tell you that both pairs are a great choice depending on what you are going for. The HE4xx has a short cable that won’t be as annoying to walk around with. Then again using it on a computer will be harder. The HD6xx has a long cable that could be a bore to walk with then again for gaming and the likes. It would make a great pair. 

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