Best Digital Piano Under 500

Best Digital Piano Under 500 Are you looking for the best digital piano under 500? Music to your ears does not have to cost you an and a leg and then more. It is possible to get a great digital piano on a budget. In case you are wondering, allow us to take you through what to expect from a […]

Best Electric Piano: Our Absolute Favourites

Best Electric Piano Are you looking for the best electric piano on the market today? It can be pretty confusing differentiating between the electric piano, the electronic piano, and the digital piano. When you first hear about these,  you can almost be certain that they are the same thing. But alas they are not. An electric piano is an electric […]

Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-230

Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-230 The piano is a well-loved instrument that has spanned across decades. And with good reason too. It is an instrument that has an air of elegance and a sound that can transport you to so many places. The soothing sound pianos produce has become a staple in a lot of music that has watermarked history. It […]

Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano The origins of music date back centuries. People made music with whatever they had at their disposal. Some would use sticks, stones and some would rely on the beautiful melody of voices and clapping hands. Whatever the means, the motive was always the same, to communicate emotion using music. Over centuries and across different lands, this […]

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano Digital pianos, in general, come in as a hybrid solution for people who want the sound of a traditional piano and the feel as well, but may not have the budget or space. These digital pianos give you the best of both worlds at a much cheaper price than you would get an acoustic piano. Digital […]

Williams Overture 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano

Williams Overture 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano Are you looking to buy a Williams Overture 2 88-key console digital piano? For the longest period, the piano has stood as the symbol of classical music. It has served many music lovers in homes, schools, concert halls and even on television sets. If you are looking for an instrument that screams elegance, […]

Yamaha YPG-535

Yamaha YPG-535 Digital Piano The Yamaha YPG-535 digital piano as we know it today has evolved over the years and has become an instrument to have when you are looking to learn or sharpen your piano playing skills. Several manufacturers make digital pianos as they have continued to grow in popularity. This is mostly because of the great features you […]

Best Roland Digital Piano

Best Roland Digital Piano Are you looking for the best Roland digital piano on the market? The modern piano as we know it was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731) of Padua. He was an expert harpsichord maker, employed by Ferdinando de’ Medici, Grand Prince of Tuscany, as the Keeper of the Instruments. The first piano he built was around1700 or […]

Best Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano Are you looking for the best digital piano on the market? Playing instruments has evolved greatly over the centuries. Early civilizations had their ways of making music. Music is a genuine form of art that transcends cultures and physical borders. It is an art that derives from the Greek word meaning “art of the Muses.” In ancient […]