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10 Of The Absolute Best Headphone Albums

Some albums just sound better playing straight into your ears! (That isn't to say that a nice home stereo setup doesn't have it's place.) People like us turn to headphones…
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25 of the Best Audiophile Albums – Broaden Your Sonic Horizons

Do you consider yourself an audiophile? Are you here to discover some new music? Read through our Best Audiophile Albums list and see how many you already have in your collection. Hopefully…
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Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2017 – The Top 10 You Have To Listen To

We don't always get to enjoy the same caliber of rap music every year that we got to in 2017. Music is an ever-evolving art form and rap music is…
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Best Metal Albums of 2017 – Top 10

2017 has been a pretty big year for music. There have been new break-out bands, a lot of genre mixing, and collaborations from artists we might not expect. Bands we…
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Top Ten Albums of 2017

If you're looking for a few new music recommendations, you came to the right place! Rather than give you a list of the Billboard Top 100 hits - we decided…
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