Casio PX S1000 vs Roland FP30 | Which Digital Piano Is Better?

Wondering where to spend your money, Casio PX S1000 vs Roland FP30? The PX S1000 is a digital piano that is part of Casio’s premium Portable Grand line. It’s an 88-key digital piano that is part of Casio’s excellent Portable Grand line. It’s intended to provide a high-end digital piano experience for those that want it in a more portable package. It includes things like an onboard song recorder, an acoustic modelling piano sound engine, a built-in speaker, and a set of headphones.

Let us dive into the world of modern-day digital pianos to find which is the best purchase for the consumer right now. Of course, many different factors will have to be considered when deciding what type of digital piano is best for you. It may depend on whether you are a beginner or an expert.

It may also depend on whether you need to travel around with the piano or plan to have it based solely on your house. The best way is to go through each option in-depth and analyze the pros and cons of presenting your current music needs. At the end of this method, we hope that you will have an idea of what would work for you given your current situation. 

Casio PX S1000

You can expect to get the top piano tones on the market to date when you purchase this product. It is one of the few on the market that can offer the consumer a damper string resonance along with a vast host of other tones for them to experiment with during their creations. 

The keyboard is one of the main focal features of this impressive product as it boasts a scaled hammer action keyboard. This is an intelligent keyboard that has been finished off very elegantly with Ebony and Ivory essential textures. It, therefore, has a very natural feel to a person’s hand when they are playing music on it. 

This is a grand piano that Casio has designed, and we see this exquisite detail in the way the top section of the piano has been beautifully polished. It stands out very nicely due to the illuminated touch sensor controls, which add a bit of modern flair to the product. 

If you are still learning how to play music and wish to begin by playing alongside your favorite songs, you will be able to do so due to the Bluetooth audio feature incorporated in the piano. The piano also can work with different IOS/Android applications making it very useful for beginners. 

It has one of the more compact and slim designs out of most digital pianos on the market today, as it weighs just around 25 pounds. If you wish to receive musical output, you will be able to do so through the powerful stereo speaker system. If you want to, you will also be having the option to plug in two headphones to listen to your composition. As a last resort, you can also connect your piano to the laptop through a USB port.    


  • Smart Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Bluetooth audio/speaker 
  • Lightweight design


  • Relatively Expensive

Roland FP30

This is a great option to dive into if you are looking for a mighty and well-known piano sound engine. Roland’s designed one of the best sound engines worldwide, and it is known as the Supernatural engine. This option provides you with an immersive and adaptive tone that serves wonders to the ears of a musical composer. 

It does come with 88 nodes meaning that you will practice as though you were on an actual acoustic piano. This has great benefits for students who need to leave music school and continue practising within the comfort of their home. 

Every single key on this keyboard has been designed with a specific weight to mimic a real piano. This is very important to maintain the consistency of feel and touch when transferring knowledge to a real piano. It comes with stereo speakers and can deliver a very high-quality and powerful sound. 

This is also due to the expensive amplifier that the manufacturer has included in the product. It has a petite body meaning that you can fit it within a backpack easily and travel with it as you need to. It comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which will allow you to connect to use applications such as GarageBand directly. 

It comes with a host of different modes such as dual and split mode and offers you a healthy selection of sounds, e.g., drums and strings. For students who wish to begin learning different songs, the manufacturers have included the option to play music simultaneously alongside your instructor. This will allow you to know on the go and is a helpful feature when composing a song. You may then save it on a USB memory stick to revisit it at another time. 


  • Carefully Weighted piano keys
  • Immersive sound engine
  • Bluetooth connections allow for learning modes.


  • The piano stands not included.

Favorite Features

Sound Engine Quality 

The Roland option has a superior sound engine. It has been used on various products worldwide and has become a very reputable and well-liked engine. It has more immersive and richer sound turns than its competitor in this scenario. 

Technology Available

Both products offer the user a Bluetooth connection. These Bluetooth connections come in handy for beginners who wish to learn from the Internet. The Roland option in this scenario provides more access to various apps. The Casio piano has been designed only to make use of the free Chordana Application. 

Musical Experience

The musical experience, and by this, I am referring to the look and feel of the piano. Do people enjoy playing music on it? The Casio option has been designed in a stunning fashion boasting Ebony and ivory key textures and a fully illuminated dashboard. This makes it a lovely piano to play music on. Every single key on this piano functions smartly and intelligently, therefore, providing you with an exceptional customer experience. 

What could be better?

Casio PX-S1000

Improving the sound engine on this product would make it a better competitor musically. It wins in terms of the style and design and looking feel of the keyboard but is inferior in performance. 

Roland FP30

The Roland FP30 does not include a feature for battery power. This cannot be very pleasant for people who travel around with their piano as they may not always be a power source nearby.  

Similar Features

These pianos incorporate Bluetooth connectivity technology into their systems. They are both very lightweight products that are easy to carry around.  

Key Differences 

The Casio piano comes with a smart keyboard and a stunning and stylish finish that makes the product feel premium. The Roland option has a superior sound engine but has not tried very hard to be a beautiful digital piano. 

The Verdict

In conclusion, both pianos are fantastic options depending on what kind of consumer you are. If you have a bit of a higher budget in looking for something flashier to get you started, it is advisable to purchase the Casio. By far, the more modern and brighter computerized piano coming with a host of intelligent features will allow you to learn music at a comfortable pace. If you have some experience and are looking for a high-performing machine that does not do much for theatrics, it is best to purchase the Roland piano. 

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