Bose 700 vs Sony 1000xm3 | Which Headphones To Choose

How does one decide between the Bose 700 vs Sony 1000xm3? If you are on the market looking for a new pair of headphones, you will most likely have come across two of these two. In today’s article, we will be comparing them to discover which one is the better option for consumers. 

We shall give an in-depth review of both products looking at what challenges and strengths they both possess. At the end of the article, we hope that you will decide which is the better pair of headphones for yourself. Let us begin. 

Bose 700

 These are noise-canceling headphones that offer the user a wide variety of options to enjoy music. They come with a very detailed sound that gives you a surround sound bass allowing you to maximize every moment when listening. 

They have managed to design an excellent voice pickup system that works to separate background noise from the sound of your voice. This makes it an ideal option to consider for people who need to record sounds, for example, a radio host. 

They have been built to have access to intelligent artificial intelligence options. You will be able to speak to Alexa and Google on the go quickly. Everyday activities become a bit simpler when you have simple access to navigation, weather, and music. The durability and design of the product were made to rival world-class headphones. 

They are made from a stainless-steel material that has not compromised on the weight of the product. They have been designed with rubber ear cups that easily tilt the product for better comfort. This means that they are most likely to bend in the event of being stretched rather than breaking. 

This makes them a very great option to consider for people who wish to perform sports in peace. You will be receiving up to 20 hours of battery life when you use this product non-stop. This is all on a single charge, which will take you about two hours to get to. 

Another exciting feature that the manufacturers have included in this product is the one-touch option. Simply tapping the headphones on the touch side of the headband will open Spotify and give you access to an entire database of online music.  


  • Excellent noise-canceling features.
  • 20 Hour battery life 
  • Surround sound bass 


  • Long charging time 

Sony WH-1000xm3

This pair of headphones offers digital noise canceling, which means that you could fully adjust the amount of background information you wish to receive. If you so require, you can turn these headphones into being fully soundproof. 

This is an excellent option for people who want to perform music in the studio. This is because you will not get any unnecessary background noise giving you a clear and detailed recorded sound. This also works very well as you will be able to take phone calls through a touch-activated mechanism. 

The Voice Assistant can access Alexa, meaning that you can have information available to you from the Internet through voice access. They have designed it so that it is pretty handy to use in the Gov and the workplace. 

With the quick attention mode feature, you should completely turn down the volume instantly by simply covering the right ear cup. This means that if you need to have a conversation, you can quickly turn down your music without wasting too much time. 

This pair of headphones is controlled via touch, and this allows you to use them quickly when playing sports or going for a jog. This is because you will not necessarily need to access your mobile device to change music. 

The weight of the product is also quite impressive, making it a superb option to exercise with. The battery life on this product is awe-inspiring, boasting up to 30 hours of playtime on just one charge.    


  • 30 hours of battery life  
  • Digital noise-canceling features.  
  • Controlled via touch. 


  • Relatively expensive  

Favorite Features

Battery Life 

The battery life on a pair of headphones is essential because it determines how long you can listen to music. This is even more important if you are heading out somewhere where there is not much access to electricity or charging points. In this scenario, the Sony option leads the Bose headphones because they offer 30 hours of battery life. The Bose option can only provide 20 hours. 

Sound Quality 

when paying this much money for a pair of headphones, you will have to ensure that they are up to standard in terms of the excellent quality they offer when listening to music. Regarding the Bose, option outperforms the Sony option because of the surround sound digital bass it can offer. 


In this area, the Bose option is much better because it is made from lightweight stainless steel. You can expect that this option will be able to bend much easier before it breaks. Therefore, it is a better option to consider someone looking for something that can operate in a harsher environment. 

What could be better?

Bose 700

The manufacturers could have improved the charging time on this product. Given that it has a lower amount of battery than its competitor and takes a bit longer to charge, it makes it more disadvantageous for the consumer.   

Song WH1000

The durability of this product could have been improved. It is made from a high-quality carbon fiber that may not necessarily survive longer than are the headphones. It has been made to be lightly inflexible rather than heavy and durable.  

Similar Features

Both features offer a Voice Assistant that can connect you directly to Alexa for more information and music. Touch controls power both products. You will also be receiving noise-canceling features on both these products. 

Key Differences 

The main difference between these two products is the durability and battery life. The Sony option offers 30 hours of battery life, while the Bose option can only offer 20. The Bose is more durable but slightly heavier than the Sony option as it is built from stainless steel 

The Verdict

To conclude this, if you are looking for an option that can last you longer and is lighter, you should buy the Sony product. 

This is a great option to consider for athletes and people who mostly stay on the go. This is because people like this often do not have the time to charge their headphones but enjoy their alone time listening to music. The option is not as durable as it is competitive, but it is superior in design. 

If you are looking for something that is more durable and will be used in a more stable setting, you should buy the Bose option because it has a more durable fit and can only offer the consumer 20 hours of battery life.  

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