Audio Technica ATH-CKM1000 Review

Audio Technica ATH-CKM1000

The Audio Technica ATH-ckm1000 is a
flagship dynamic driver earphone from
Audio Technica that has almost no
reviews of it on the internet and when a
product has no reviews and it’s a
flagship product you just got to know
what’s going on so you’re watching
Lachlan likes a thing and we’re about to
find out hey everyone welcome to Lachlan
likes a thing the show where I take a
thing and see whether or not I like it
another thing we’re looking at in this
video is the audio technica ckm 1000
which as I mentioned before is a
flagship dynamic driver earphone from
Audio Technica now this e phone is
actually been on the market for quite
some time now it was released in 2012
along with a 50th-anniversary edition of
this earphone which was the ckw 1000
which had a wood and titanium housing.

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