Casio PX S1000 vs Roland FP30 | Which Digital Piano Is Better?

Wondering where to spend your money, Casio PX S1000 vs Roland FP30? The PX S1000 is a digital piano that is part of Casio’s premium Portable Grand line. It’s an 88-key digital piano that is part of Casio’s excellent Portable Grand line. It’s intended to provide a high-end digital piano experience for those that want it in a more portable […]

Roland FP30 vs Yamaha P125 | Which Digital Piano To Buy?

Choosing between Roland FP30 vs Yamaha P125 can be difficult. They are both portable keyboards that have been designed to make it easy for beginners to learn the basics of music. As such, they are both very similar, but there are a few notable differences.  First, the FP30 weighs around 16 pounds, compared to the P125’s 13.6-pound frame. The FP30 […]

Korg B2 vs Roland FP10 | Which One To Buy

Are you stuck between the Korg B2 vs Roland FP10? Decision, decisions, decisions!  Roland FP10 and Korg B2 are popular digital pianos for musicians in all kinds of genres. But which of these devices is the right choice for you? While it’s true that you can find a lot of opinions on this topic on the Internet. They are often […]

AKG D112 vs Shure Beta 52 | Which Bass Drum Microphone Is Better?

Your drumming is decent, which microphone will do you justice. AKG D112 vs Shure Beta 52A. Choosing a bass microphone is quite a big challenge for many bands out there making music today. This article looks at two of the best products that you can buy in this market category. This includes the quality, durability, and versatility that they can […]

Airpods Pro vs Sony WF 1000xm3 | Head To Head Comparison

Airpods Pro vs Sony WF 1000xm3. You’ve added both to your cart. At checkout one has to go! Which one would it be? We know your pain. Wireless earbuds have all but taken over from their wired counterparts worldwide. We found that traditional earphones have fewer advantages than a pair of Airpods or Earpods. The mobility, intelligence, and straight-up style. […]

Bose 700 vs Sony 1000xm3 | Which Headphones To Choose

How does one decide between the Bose 700 vs Sony 1000xm3? If you are on the market looking for a new pair of headphones, you will most likely have come across two of these two. In today’s article, we will be comparing them to discover which one is the better option for consumers.  We shall give an in-depth review of […]