Yamaha YDP 184

Considering getting the Yamaha YDP 184? Are you thinking of buying a new digital piano? Do you want to know which one takes the cake? Are you looking for a piano that won’t break the bank? Music has often been named as the best way to color our lives. It has a way of going beyond physical boundaries. People and […]

Yamaha ARIUS YDP-143

Considering getting the Yamaha ARIUS YDP-143? Let us take you through some key features. Yamaha is well known for making all things musically inclined. From the greatest instruments in the business, for professionals and beginners alike. You can find the best instruments specially made for anyone who appreciates music, made by this industry titan. Yamaha makes all sorts of musical […]

Best Digital Piano Under 500

Best Digital Piano Under 500 Are you looking for the best digital piano under 500? Music to your ears does not have to cost you an and a leg and then more. It is possible to get a great digital piano on a budget. In case you are wondering, allow us to take you through what to expect from a […]

Best Electric Piano: Our Absolute Favourites

Best Electric Piano Are you looking for the best electric piano on the market today? It can be pretty confusing differentiating between the electric piano, the electronic piano, and the digital piano. When you first hear about these,  you can almost be certain that they are the same thing. But alas they are not. An electric piano is an electric […]