Sony MDR MA900 Headphone Review

We’re going to be looking at the sony MDR MA900 headphones. Let me say first of all that the Sony MA900 is the most comfortable headphone that I’ve ever worn. If you want a headphone that you can wear for hours and hours that sounds good and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Stop reading this and just […]

Audio Technica ATH-AD900X Headphone Review

Now the thing we’re going to be looking at the Audio Technica ATH-AD900X headphones. I’m a big fan of Audio Technica, they’re a big name in Japan and I’ve owned and traded a fair number of Audio Technica headphones in the past. I used to have a pair of AD900’s and while I liked them I thought the bass response […]

Sony XBA-1 Earphones Review

We’re going to be looking at today is the Sony XBA-1 balanced armature earphones. Now, what’s a balanced armature. It’s a really cool piece of technology that you may not have heard of. Now with most earphones, speakers and headphones, they use what’s called a dynamic driver to make a sound. An active driver is basically this unit here. It’s […]

AIAIAI TMA-1 Closed Studio Headphone Review

This time we’re gonna be looking at the TMA-1 Studio Headphones III is a relatively young company from Denmark. You may not have heard of them. In recent years they’ve been known for putting up some really eye-catching streetwear design headphones. The TMA-1 Studio is the studio version of the TMA-1 DJ headphones at III released a number of years […]

Sony MDR EX1000 vs MDR 7550 Earphones

We’re actually going to be looking at two things two of my favorite in-ear Earphones, the Sony MDR ex1000 vs Sony MDR 7550. You might be thinking that these 2 earphones look fairly similar and you’d be correct. They come from the same family of headsets. They share the same basic design. They share the equal 16 millimetres vertically mounted […]

Sony MDR-1R Overear ​Headphones Review

Today, we will take a gander at another pair of earphones, this time the Sony MDR-1Rs. Presently, much the same as a week ago’s Sennheiser Momentums, the Sony MDR-1Rs are Sony’s entrance into the way of life earphone classification. In this way, these are earphones that are intended to be convenient, agreeable, and desirable just as conveying, you know, tolerable […]

Sennheiser Momentum Over ear​ Headphone Review

Today we’re going to take a gander at is the Sennheiser Momentum Earphones. Presently Sennheiser is a serious surely understood name in sound circles, and this is their first way of life earphone. A way of life headset is a classification of the earphone. That was truly presented by the Monster Beats line of earphones. Presently, that, by and large, […]


Let’s cut to the chase: If you want to buy high-end headphones for listening to music, movies and games, then you need to know the differences between Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2.  The two companies have the most substantial reputation in the industry, and their products tend to cause a daunting experience when shopping for them due to the high-quality.  […]

Bose QC35 Vs QC35 II: Ultimate Comparison

Here is the deal: Many users of Bose headphones tend to find it challenging to choose between QC35 and QC35 II due to the similarities.  The most common mistake that many people tend to make is choosing headphones based on price rather than quality. They end up picking something that does not offer ultimate comfort and also helps in noise […]

Bose QC25 Vs 35: Ultimate Guide

Here is the thing: You want to get the best experience of movies, music, and games; then, you need to choose the right headphones.  Bose is a giant brand with lots of reputation when it comes to the production of the best user experience headphones in the market right now.  Choosing between Bose QC25 and 35 is giving a lot […]