The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Headphones

Can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive headphones? Are there any obvious factors that make it easy to choose between the two? If you can’t answer either question with conviction, we’ll help you learn how to tell them apart!  The next time you’re looking for a brand new pair or just need an upgrade for your current setup, […]

Top 10 Cyber Monday Deals On Wireless Headphones

If you’re looking for some pretty awesome Cyber Monday deals on wireless headphones, you came to the right place! Once upon a time, Black Friday only lasted for one day. You had to wake up extra early the morning after Thanksgiving and rush to the store. The days of waiting in long lines, waking up before the crack of dawn, camping […]

Top 39 Best Black Friday Headphone Deals of 2020!

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What Is High Res Audio? Is It A Hoax?!

What is high res audio? Chances are, you’ve probably seen the tiny black and yellow hi-res sticker at least once or twice. Does it mean that the headphones inside the box sound 10x better than headphones without it? Can you actually hear a night and day difference, or is it something that’s only fully captured on a frequency response graph? Many […]