Why Does Vinyl Sound Better? – Or Does It?

Many people wonder (and debate) about which form of audio sounds the best. The answer will vary from person to person since much of it still boils down to personal preference. Dedicated music collectors will always buy CDs, cassette tapes, digital downloads, and of course – vinyl records.  Although collecting records isn’t the most-popular way to consume your favorite music, […]

Top 25 Tracks To Test Your Headphones

Have you been looking for some well-produced, high-quality tunes to play through your new headphones? Do you like listening to a variety of genres when you break in a new pair?  We grabbed some of our favorite tracks from a few different genres. This way, if you like (or dislike) one genre more than the other, you can skip to […]

Focal Sphear Review – Hi-Res Earphones

In 2015, Focal introduced their first pair of in-ear headphones. Headphone enthusiasts waited anxiously, wondering if their performance could replicate the same level of hi-fidelity audio equipment the brand is known for.  Chances are, you ended up here because you saw a video on YouTube that piqued your interest, heard about these on a forum, or did some of your own […]

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Review – How Do They Perform?

Athletes, runners, roadside (or mountain) bikers, and even swimmers in some cases prefer using what are called bone conduction headphones.  This is mainly due to their open air design which allows you to stay aware of your surroundings. They’re specifically designed to help keep you alert and safe on a busy road or hiking up a windy trail on a […]

Best Shoegaze Bands For New Listeners

‘Shoegazing’ originally started out as a negative term used to describe a somewhat seemingly “anti-stage antics” style of playing. Many bands and solo artists today use the stage as a platform to showcase their personality and athletic ability rather than a display of musical talent and exceptional musicianship.  We’ve gathered a list of the Best Shoegaze Bands for new listeners […]

Digital vs Analog Audio For Dummies

Sound waves recorded and stored for our listening pleasure can pretty much be broken down into 2 main categories. The reason you’re here is that you want to learn more about these important aspects of sound – how it’s recorded, how it’s stored, and ultimately, how it will sound.  All 3 of these factors play an extremely important role in […]

7 Of The Best In-Ear Monitors Under 200

If custom-molded IEMs weren’t so expensive, most of us would own at least one pair (if not several). Luckily our options aren’t limited to $1000+ models in order to have an enjoyable listening experience. Here, we’ve listed 7 of the Best In-Ear Monitors Under 200 in order of least to most expensive.  The models that we chose to include are […]

Audio Technica R70x Professional Review

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to mix/master audio with or just want to experience audiophile-level sound quality, our Audio Technica R70x Review will help you pinpoint exactly why you should or shouldn’t grab a pair to add to your collection.  You’ll be able to see where they shine, a few drawbacks, and how their overall performance and […]

Audioengine D1 Review – USB DAC/Amp Combo

Are you having trouble finding the right digital-to-analog converter/headphone amp combo for your personal setup? It can be hard to decide with so many options to choose from. Out of the many options available, trusting a well-known and established company is usually a good place to start. Our unbiased, detailed Audioengine D1 Review will help you decide whether or not it’s […]

27 Highly Influential 90s Hip Hop Albums

Today hip-hop is one of, if not the most-listened to music genres in the world and yet many fans of the genre still regard the 90s as being the “Golden Age“. There were so many classic records released during that decade that it makes it almost impossible to put together a list that’s under 100 records long.  That’s why we […]