What’s The Difference Between WAV and MP3?

In the audio community there’s a constant discussion about which audio file format sounds better than the other – and why. Two of the most popular formats for storing digital audio data are WAV files and MP3 files. What’s the difference between WAV and MP3 files? We’ll give you a rundown of each file type, then compare the pros and […]

How To Clean Vinyl Records By Hand

You put your vinyl down on the turntable, the needle drops and as the music creeps into existence you notice more crackling and surface noise than usual. You’re wondering “Does my stylus need to be replaced? Why does it sound like there’s dust-caked onto the grooves of my record?”.  Chances are, your vinyl is fine – it just needs to […]

Does Music Improve Memory? Listen, Study, Repeat

Music is one of the most powerful forms of entertainment… but is it just entertainment? Does it have any real value beyond creating a fun, upbeat atmosphere? Our emotions have a pretty noticeable effect on how well we can (or can’t) remember certain people, places, and events. We all know that music can alter, elevate, or (in the worst case) […]

Practical Uses Of The Google Home Mini

By now you’ve probably read about, used, or seen YouTube demos for one of the many popular wireless smart speakers. Amazon has the Echo and Echo Dot, Sonos has the Play 1, the Sonos One, and other variations of speakers designed to make your life more convenient. Now Google has stepped into the arena and introduced their own line of wireless […]

Top 10 Fully Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

Looking for a new pair of headphones can seem like a daunting task (if you don’t know where to look & what to look for). This is especially true when it comes to deciphering the technical specs that often times don’t come with much of an explanation.  When you’re trying to decide which pair of Waterproof Headphones For Swimming will […]

25 of the Best Audiophile Albums – Broaden Your Sonic Horizons

Do you consider yourself an audiophile? Are you here to discover some new music? Read through our Best Audiophile Albums list and see how many you already have in your collection. Hopefully, there are a few here that you’re not already familiar with. Ultimately, our goal is to broaden your sonic horizons. After all, who doesn’t love discovering new records to add […]